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Supercharge 10th World Kyokushin Karate Mens Open Tournament 2011, Tokyo Japan.



Japan in 2011 has been challenged by natural disasters however the Budo of martial arts remains a focal point in the culture.  Every 4 years the best Kyokushin karate fighters in the world converge to Tokyo Japan to find out who can survive 3 days of bare-knuckle knockdown kumite until only one remains to be named World Champion.

The weight division is Open weight usually ranging from 60kg to 130+ kg

The age limit is 18 years upwards

Basic Rules - All striking techniques allowed from any part of your body to any part of the opponent.

Rule Exception: No punches to the face, No throws.

This year 192 elite Kyokushin champions qualified from their respective regions, i.e. Africa, Europe, USA, Russia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Scandanavia, South America, Caribbean, Oceania and Asia.

Defending 9th Kyokushin  Karate World Champion 2007 Ewerton Teixeira (Brazil) and also a K-1 WGP Champion took 2011 off from the professional kickboxing arena to concentrate on this Knockdown Karate Tournament.

Well-known and popular fighters throughout the Karate Martial Arts World entered;

Alejandro Navarro (Spain), Lechi Kurbanov (Russia), Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia), Eduardo Tanaka (Brazil), Darmen Sadvokasov (Russia), Kentaro Tanaka (Japan), Zahari Damayanov (Bulgaria), Andrey Stepin (Russia), Pablo Enstensoro (Spain), Nicolae Stoian (Romania), Makoto Akaishi (Japan), Goderzi Kapanadze (Russia), Djema Bel (France), Daniel Bukowy (Poland), Diogo Silva (Brazil), Steve Cujic (Australia), Patryk Sypien (Poland), Syoki Arata (Japan), Mikael Koslov (Russia), Mohammed Chikh (Canada), Mori Zenjyuro (Japan), Syoki Arata (Japan).

In these Kyokushin World Tournaments,  past successful participants have been trained for the professional K-1 sports arena , e.g. Filho Francisco (Brazil), Glaube Feitosa (Brazil), Ewerton Teixeira (Brazil), Aleksandr Pichkunov (Russia), Jan Soukup (Czech Rep.).

Photos by IKO Kyokushin
Photos by IKO Kyokushin 

Accommodation for the athletes was at the Olympics Village Sendagaya, Tokyo Japan.

The venue for the World Tournament was held in the Olympic Indoor Stadium, Sendagaya Tokyo, Japan.

A New Zealand highlight in the tournament was Kyokushin Karate Oceania Vice Champion 2011 James Eades (NZ).  Reaching the 2nd day of kumite competition and fighting Russian Champion - Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia) in the top 128.  Jamie lost this bout to the Russian who carried on to win the Tournament.

Photo by IKO Kyokushin
Photo by IKO Kyokushin

Photo by Rob Struthers
Photo by Rob Struthers 

NZ Mens Open Team at the 10th World Open Tournament, Tokyo Japan.

(L-R)) Conrad Tuhega, Maia Peters, James Eades, Eddie TeAhu, Jack Tuhega,

Tony Rodriguez (Guam), Rob Struthers

Photo by IKO Kyokushin
Photo by IKO Kyokushin 

10th World Kyokushin Karate Mens Open Tournament – November 2011 

(L-R) Ewerton Teixeira (Brazil) – Vice Champion 2nd place

Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia) – World Champion 1st place

Goderzi Kapanadze (Russia) – 3rd place 

2011 Mens World Open Karate Championship Results – Top.8.

1st Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia) 88kg

2nd Ewerton Teixeira (Brazil) 105kg

3rd Goderzi Kapanadze (Russia) 92kg

4th Makoto Akaishi (Japan) 96kg

5th Zahari Damyanov (Bulgaria) 109kg

6th Nikolai Davydov (Russia) 92kg

7th Oleksandr Ieromenko (Ukraine) 95kg

8th Ilya Karpenko (Russia) 92kg 

Another Kyokushin Karate kumite highlight was the inclusion of the 1st World Kyokushin Karate Women’s Open Tournament in which Rachel McLean represented New Zealand.

Photo by Supercharge
Photo by Supercharge 

(L-R) Sensei Tahi, Rachel McLean, Sensei Jayson Vemoa

2011 Women's World Open Karate Championship Results – Top.4.

1st Anastasia Khripunova (Russia)

2nd Julie Lamarre (Canada)

3rd Elena Vorobyeva (Russia)

4th Anna kaczynska (Poland)

Photo by Supercharge
Photo by Supercharge

New Zealand’s Shihan Stephen Takiwa (Auckland) and Shihan Chris Gower (Wellington) official Judges for the Finals on the 3rd day of the Kyokushin World Tournament.

(L-R) Stephen Takiwa – (6th Dan) The most decorated Kyokushin fighter to come from New Zealand

5th World Kyokushin Karate Mens Open Tournament 1991 Tokyo, Japan – 12th place.

Jayson Vemoa – (1st Dan) Ichigeki Academy K-1 Trainer to the Elite Kyokushin Champions

Chris Gower – (5th Dan) Kyokushin Masters Open Tournament 2005 – 1st place – Tokyo, Japan.

Jamie Eades (NZ) vs Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia) – Top 128


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