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Lameco Escrima & Knife Combat Workshop

Damian Halforty

Lameco EskrimaLameco Eskrima is a combination of many different fighting systems in the Philippines.  Lameco means long range; medium range and short range.  It combines the very best of styles in the warrior arts of the Philippines to make a very effective and practical self defense system.  Founded by the late Master Edgar Sulite, the fire of Lameco Eskrima is kept burning by Rahneer Fabi who teaches the system in its purest form.

The system draws from styles like de-campo, uno, do, tres, largo mano, Pikiti tersia, Doce pares, Balintawak, Lapunti and Kali Ilustrisimo.

Rahneer Fabi is a senior instructor in Bakbakan International and is the director of the Australian headquarters of Bakbakan.  He has been personally taught by the late Master Edgar Sulite.

A workshop on The Lameco System and combat knife fighting skills will be taught by Rahneer Fabi and Damian Halforty on 3rd & 4th December.

For further details contact 021 264 6216 or 09 535 3612.


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