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WAKO New Zealand WAKO North Island Full Contact & Low Kick Fite Nite

Rick Dobson

2005 will see the New Zealand Branch of World association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) go from strength to strength. January 29th is the date for the WAKO North Island Full Contact & Low Kick Fite Nite. With a minimum of 12 fights on the card. Full Contact Fights will see kicks aimed at over waist, no Knees or elbow strikes, and all competitors wearing Headguards, 10Oz gloves, Shin & Foot protectors. Competitors will wear their club colours and long fighting pants. The Low Kick fights will be in Shorts with Kicks allowed to the inner & Outer Thighs. Protection will be the same as Full Contact, and both disciplines include the 6 Kick per round rule. Both disciplines include sweeps aimed below mid-calf and low hip throws. This is the first time WAKO has included Low-Kicks in New Zealand, Rick Dobson, NZ WAKO President says there is a lot of interest from many different clubs now they see the National results being printed in Fight Times. MARCH will be the date for the 1st of 3, WAKO Grand Prix Semi-contact Points, Traditional Forms (Kata/Patterns) Musical Forms and Light Contact Continuous Competition to be held in the Waikato. April/May will be the NZ National Championships for Semi-Contact Points, Light Contact Continuous, Musical and Traditional Forms, and Full Contact. The winners from each division will be offered a place on the New Zealand National Squad heading for Hungary in November for the WAKO World Championships. Any Interested Fighter or Coach for any WAKO competition can contact Rick Dobson on 0800 542 548 or E-mail at [email protected]

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