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New Zealand Boxing 1

ABA Stadium - 30 September 2004

Johnny Lloyd

Things did not look good for Richard Tutaki (116.4kg) in the second round of his contest with Shane Cameron (102.4kg) at the ABA Stadium on September 30 when he was caught with three short inside right uppercuts in a row. No boxer should be caught with the same punch three times in a row! Sure enough in the third round, Cameron scored with a series of more uppercuts that drove Tutaki to a neutral corner. Shane followed up with a combination of left and right hooks to the head then delivered a murderous left hook to the liver. Richard dropped to the canvas on his hands and knees while referee Lance Revill doled the doleful decimal.

Up until the knockout, Tutaki had caused Cameron some problems with his straight left which he pumped out continuously, causing Cameron to bleed from a cut eyebrow.

Shane showed good lateral head movement throughout the fight and no doubt has benefited from his time spent at the Canberra Institute of Sport under the guidance of top Aussie coach Johnny Lewis.

Chris Rehu (71.4kg) turned in the best performance of his pro career when he outpointed Fili Mailata (72kg) over four rounds on the undercard. The combatants were well matched and the bout was pretty even until the fourth round when Rehu stepped up the pace and had Fili in trouble in the blue corner when the bell finally rang.

In the other pro bout on the bill, Vai Toevai (98kg) and Toa Nakatamatoa (101.2kg) clinched their way through four rounds of a deadly dull affair. It was called a draw.

In a semi-pro fight, Maka Sapolu (74.5kg) was too strong for Alan Zanetech (69.6kg) and stopped him in the second round. A deranged fan attacked me verbally after this contest (I was matchmaker for this card), but as I pointed out to him with the semi-pro contests "You pays your money and you take your chances." Very similar to fighting in Roy Bells' Boxing Tent, which featured in an excellent article in last month's "FIST".


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