World Famous Martial Artist Visits New Zealand

Johnny Kennedy

From the 23rd of October till the 3rd of November, Kennedy's Freestyle Training Center in Christchurch, hosted Sensei Michael Campos, 9th Dan and Director of ZDK International from the USA.

With over 45 years experience, Sensei Campos has done it all. A multiple Weapons, Kata and sparring champion and recipient in the "World Martial Arts" hall of fame; his list of achievements are to large to explain.

While here in NZ he took seminars on his very popular 3-second self-defence, Magic 30 Takedown and EDS (Executive Defence Systems) programs.

The seminars were absolutely fantastic. His knowledge, expertise and friendly teaching style made the seminars enjoyable and very informative.

It was great to see a wide range of martial artists from different styles participating in the seminars.

Many thanks to Kyokushin Canterbury, Proactive Martial arts, Goju-Kai, Goju-ryu, Jundokan, Tsunami Dojos, Kenshikan, Goshin-ryu, Kofukan and Kennedy's Karate members for attending the seminars.

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