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Tae Kwon Do The Korean Martial Art

Tae Kwon Do The Korean Martial Art
Grand Master Richard Chun
Originally published in 1976, this authoritative work has been the guide for thousands of Taekwondo practitioners as they advance in their training. Whether your training is for self-defense, forms competition, or in preparation for the Olympic games, this newly revised edition provides beginner to Black Belt level training to assist you on your journey in Taekwondo.
Contents include:
* History, Philosophy, and Principles
* Calisthenics
* Stances
* Basic Striking - Human Weapons, and Vital Points
* Movements and Footwork
* Strikes, Blocking and Kicking Techniques
* Sparring and Breaking Techniques
* Self-Defense Techniques
* Eight Palgwe Forms - recommended for promotion of all color belts and 1st dan black belt by The United States Taekwondo Association (USTA), and used in sanctioned International Taekwondo competitions.
* Eight Taegeuk Forms - required for promotion of all color belts and 1st dan black belt by The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), and used in sanctioned International Taekwondo competitions.
* Rules and regulations of the World Taekwondo Federation, including sparring and Poomse (forms) competitions
The ever-increasing popularity of Taekwondo is apparent by the dedication of the tens of millions of practitioners worldwide, and by the inclusion of Taekwondo in the summer Olympic games. With all its popularity, it is paramount that the art be handed down in a clear, knowledgeable, and sustainable way - this book does just that.

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