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Inside the Art of Okinawan Goju - 108 Questions

Inside the Art of Okinawan Goju - 108 Questions
In this extensive comprehensive interview you will learn so much about Okinawan Goju you will shake your head in amazement. Yes it is political, yes it is historical, yes it is compelling and yes it is totally controversial. But mor e then this you will learn and hear the stories of Busaganashi, the women who created the white crane forms and how she did it. You will see hear all kinds of terrific stories of the Yogi Dojo in Tokyo, Miyazato Eichii and as well Master Chinen's memories of Miyagi Chogun. No more rumors now it is from the man himself. He was there not the those who talk about it. learn why he believes that Miyazato was the true inheritor of Okinawan Goju, hear his story of carrying the chi ishi from the garden dojo to Miyazato’s dojo and hear his stories and ideas on how Okinawan karate is not the Mecca of Karate as many think it is and finally he tells the story of “the seed and the flower”. It is perfect and now you too will totally understand so much about Okinawan Goju.

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