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Judo Formal Techniques: A Complete Guide to Kodokan Randori no Kata

Judo Formal Techniques: A Complete Guide to Kodokan Randori no Kata
by Tadao Otaki, Donn F. Draeger

This comprehensive manual on the basic formal techniques of Kodokan Judo, the Randori no Kata, provides the fundamental instruction in nage and katame no kata (throwing and grappling) that is essential to the effective judo. With over 600 photographs and 400 drawings, Judo Formal Techniques gives complete step-by-step descriptions of the roles of both training partners. In addition to throwing and grappling, the important transitional movements, as well as grips, stances, and postures, are explained. The authors have, by studying the published and unpublished personal writings of Jigoro Kano (the founder of Kodokan Judo), been able to recapture the original spirit and intent of the judo kata, which they present in the standard Kodokan versions, as refined by generations of master judoka.

Expertly written and richly illustrated, Judo Formal Techniques is the classic "kata bible" for judo student and instructor alike and a tremendous resource for martial arts practitioners outside the realms of judo and jujutsu.

About the Author

Tadao Otaki's long experience in teaching judo-to everyone from beginners to Olympic champions-and his contributions to its teaching methods brought him worldwide acclaim. Otaki-sensei died in 1998.

Donn F. Draeger was one of the world's leading authorities on Asian martial arts. Licensed and recognized in Japan as a teacher of numerous martial arts, he wrote prolifically on the subject. Among his titles from Tuttle are The Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia, Shaolin Lohan Kung-fu, and the six-volume Practical Karate series. Otaki and Draeger were also co-authors of Judo for Young Men: An Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Standard. Donn Draeger died soon after approving the proofs for Judo Formal Techniques.

* 610 photographs and 430 figures
* Paperback
* 456 pages
* Dimensions: 6 x 9
* Published: November 15, 1990

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