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Karate "The Art of Empty Hand Fighting" - 2 DVD Set
Starring Hidetaka Nishiyama,Masatoshi Nakayama plus the other JKA greats . Shot in 1955 the first 30 minutes is a two part documentary film called Karate "The Art of Empty Hand Fighting" with outstanding narration and sound effects. This rare footage has been seen before but not in its entireity with all the sound effects narration and film footage put together. Then there is a personal interview done in 2001 with Hidetaka Nishiyama in his office in Los Angeles in which he tells of the evolution of the JKA describing the Instructor’s training program that trained some of the very best ever of the Japanese karate sensei’s that went on to propogate the JKA world wide plus his own personal training in the early years. He also talks in length about Funakoshi Sensei and his role in the development of Shotokan. He was there and he knows the true story like no one before or after him. You will learn so much and so many unanswered questions will finally be answered for you. It is amazing and totally enlightening. This is the defining work of Hidetaka Nishiyama and the evolution of the JKA. As a bonus you will see more rare footage of Sensei Nishiyama teraching in his Los Angeles and one of the earliest demonstartions ever for a camera of traditional JKA shotokan Karate by Takayuki Mikami shot inn 1955. 90 MINUTES

Our Price: $55.00


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