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Power High Kicks With No Warm-Up! by Mac Mierzejewski  - DVD

Power High Kicks With No Warm-Up! by Mac Mierzejewski - DVD
* Learn the essential details of techniques that will let you kick high and with power without any warm-up!
* Kick "cold" without injuring yourself or pulling muscles
* Put more power and snap in your high kicks
* Learn exercises and drills that make sure your hips and knees don't hurt when you throw high side and roundhouse kicks.
* Reduce your chance of injury!

Mac Mierzejewski, is a full-contact karate fighter and instructor. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Sports Medicine (AWF - University School of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland) and a M.Sc. degree in Physical Therapy (University of Alberta, Canada). At AWF in Warsaw he completed two additional two-year university courses for karate instructors and boxing instructors. Mac teaches karate at the Edmonton Kyokushin Karate Club in Edmonton, Alberta.

Mac has won several major full-contact karate contests himself:

Gold at Karate Kyokushinkai Championships of Poland - 1982-1986
Gold (team) at European Championships Kyokushin Karate - 1985
Gold at Oyama's Cup (Poland) - 1986
Gold at Mas Oyama's Canadian Kyokushinkai Tournament (open) - 1989
Gold at Mas Oyama's Asia-Pacific International Open Karate Tournament - 1989
He has also won several Best Technique and Best Spirit Awars.
He won most of his fights with kick knockouts (see them on the video)

DVD - 80 minutes, NTSC

Our Price: $88.00


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