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Tactical C&R - Control and Restraint Manual

Tactical C&R - Control and Restraint Manual
by Tank Todd, Army Special Forces Close Combat Master Chief Instructor
21cm x 29.5cm - 50 pages - illustrated

I have learned, disregarded and forgotten more holds than I care to remember for one simple reason; they were not tactically correct, were unsafe and would only stand to impress an audience at a demonstration; not overcome a serious threat
Over technical studio techniques may well impress when demonstrated on a willing assistant but how many willing assistants will you ever have to restrain in the course of your duties?
You do not have to restrain the willing compliant or submissive, its the belligerent aggressive type that need to be restrained and I have never seen this type offer you their limbs for restraining.
You need to ask yourself if you could apply your technical studio skills while a determined offender was viciously attacking you.
Sound tactics, procedures and skills give you and your team the best chance of success in a bad situation, nothing more, nothing less. There is no point in finding out that your fancy demonstration, technically complicated studio techniques do not stand up when you are at the sharp end of a tough situation.
I could have shown you countless secondary skills or application variations, but that would have defied the purpose of this manual; to provide the best in tactics, procedures, principles, skills and applications. The rest comes with practice, experience and physical instruction.

Tactical Control and Restraint is the result of my lifetimes work in the fields of military, security and law enforcement as a consultant, instructor, and as a member and chief of crowd control teams.

For the past twenty-five years I have designed and perfected, as close as humanly possible, skills and procedures both for my security team and personnel of psychiatric institutions, large security companies, as well as law enforcement, prison personnel and the military.
The contents of this text has been designed for it’s simplicity, effectiveness, tactical correctness and most importantly safety both for the staff and the suspect.
The entire aim of this field manual is to promote the proven skills that achieve maximum results with minimum effort and a high level of safety throughout the entire application.
While it is true there are no skills or procedures that are foolproof, or the end all and be all, the following system provided it is used in accordance with sound basic principles and common sense, provides the best chance of operational success.
Often one finds in civilian restraint groups, individuals whom are not confident due to lack of proper training, or others whom can not operate as a team, or whom feel vulnerable due to having to work with incompetent personnel.
The following text is designed to dissuade the over zealous, heroic type application and promote the safe team options, the most important ingredient is the team players individual inner resolve, something that no manual or system can provide.

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