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The Marines Corps Martial Arts Program

The Marines Corps Martial Arts Program
The complete manual to the fighting system of the United States Marine Corps.The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) was designed as a synergy of mental, character, and physical disciplines with application across the full spectrum of violent encounters. MCMAP draws from the best martial arts techniques of boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, sambo, krav maga, karate, aikido, escrima, arnis, hap ki do, karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, and kick boxing. Fighting techniques including: battle skill orientation; stance; posture; movement; weapons handling and function; striking; cutting; grappling; restraints and manipulations; and integration of weapons. The program teaches lethal and nonlethal techniques as well as pain inducing compliance techniques to provide a Marine with the maximum flexibility for adapting to any possible threat level. Since its introduction, MCMAP has been continually tested, evaluated, and refined. It combines the best combat tested martial arts training and time-honored, close combat training techniques. This manual was published in November 2011 and includes the latest updates to the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. The chapters cover all of the required techniques for the basic level tan belt through the expert level black belt. Subjects include:Fundamentals of the Marine Corps Martial Arts ProgramRanges of close combat engagements, target areas of the body, weapons of the body, basic warrior stance, and angles of movement. Punches-muscle relaxation, making a fist, weight transfer, rapid retraction, telegraphing, lead hand bunch, rear hand punch, upper cut, hook, and actions of the aggressor.Break-Falls-front, back, and side falls, and forward shoulder rolls.Bayonet Techniques-straight thrust, horizontal and vertical butt strokes, smash, slash, and disrupt.Upper Body Strikes-principles, hammer fist, eye gouge, elbow strikes, chin jab/palm heel strike, knife hand strike, inside/reverse knife hand strike, rear horizontal elbow strike, and face smash. Lower Body Strikes-vertical knee strikes.

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